(Site last updated 8/14/2016.)

Originally, this site had another purpose. But recently, the City of Vader, Washington put up its own "official" website. And, it's a well-designed site, too, with lots of official information for residents and visitors alike. So, I've decided to change this site's focus.

If you have a business or organization that is either in the Vader area or supports the Vader area ... and if you don't have a website of your own ... you can have "free space" on this site (your own unique subdomain). I'll either give you access to the space so you can design your own site ... or, if you wish, I'll design the page myself so that people will know where you are and how to reach you. Send me email to start that process. Or, if you already have your own website, send me the link and I'll post it here.

What follows are various Vader-related website links listed in no particular order:

Official City of Vader Website

Valley View Walk-In Clinic - No appointment is necessary to seek medical attention at this clinic. This is a good alternative to emergency rooms. On I-5 North of Vader at Exit 81 - and close to Providence Hospital, Centralia.

Little Crane Cafe

J & G's Grocery Store

Big Nick's Pizza (a Facebook page) - This Winlock restaurant is the only restaurant I know of that delivers to Vader area residents.

Fat Jack's Tobacco Shack - Are you a cigarette smoker? If so, you can buy a month's supply of cigarettes at Fat Jack's for what it would cost you to buy a two-week (or less) supply at even the cheapest Washington store. Your money - your choice. This Rainier, Oregon tobacco store is less than 25 miles from the Vader area.

Gee Cee's Truck Stop - 24/7/365 operation providing Texaco gas, a full-service restaurant, and a mini-market. They're just a wee bit South of Vader on I-5 at Exit 57.

Walmart Chehalis Supercenter - 24/7/365 shopping including groceries. North of Vader on I-5 at Exit 79. Note that after 9pm, you must use the grocery entrance. Other doors are locked.

Vader Assembly of God Church

Vader Grace United Methodist Church

Vader-related YouTube Videos

More links could be added at any time.