April 26, 2014 (updated)

To all area residents,

A brief introduction. My name is James Alec West. I'm a 62 year-old retired postal worker who moved from Portland, Oregon to unincorporated Lewis County (just East of Vader) on May 16, 2012. To send me email, Click Here.

Before moving, I noticed that a Vader website, apparently maintained by the city, had gone down. Because I control a dedicated server (in St. Louis, MO) with a lot of free space, I decided to create this domain and "give" it (along with free hosting) to the city upon my arrival. All they would have to do is find someone willing to design the page and maintain it. After I was all unpacked in my new residence, I drove to City Hall and made the offer known to the clerk behind the counter.

Since then, I've heard nothing back.

However, if someone is interested in developing this site for those who live in Vader (or the surrounding rural community in Lewis County), you should send me email. I'll provide free transfer of the domain to your ownership and give FTP access to the domain for any interested webmaster to upload necessary files.

Previously, based on what I perceived as a lack of interest, I was prepared to let the domain registration lapse on May 11, 2014. But, I've decided to give any interested party one more chance, renewing the domain registration for one more year. Weather permitting, I'll be at the Vader Mayday Festival on Saturday, May 3rd. If you see someone there wearing a green teeshirt with "VaderWA.US" on it, that's me (grin). I'll be posting notices (if allowed) for people to visit this website to read what you're reading right now. Prior to that, on April 28, I'll be mailing a similar notice to the Vader City Council.

But, though it's a year off, the clock is ticking. If I receive no contact by May 11th, 2015, this site will disappear.

P.S. When's the last time you visited the Little Crane Cafe website:


Kinda makes you hungry - doesn't it (grin)?

Jim West